Tony Ingarfield Forgework


The commissioning process is a natural progression and usually follows these steps:

1. Initial contact - This is when you get in touch with me via phone, email, see me at a Show, or pop into the forge, and you tell me what you would like to be made. Hopefully at this stage you have some idea of a motif or theme for the item as it should compliment your personality and the location in which it will be sited. An idea of your budget would also be helpful at this time.

2. Design and quote - from all the requirements that you have given me at the initial stage, I will produce a concept drawing by hand,in a CAD programme or possibly make a sample piece; this may require a site visit/survey. This is when things can become more technical, and making, fixing and finishing options can be discussed. Once all the options have been agreed I will produce a quote. Once the quote has been accepted, I will generally ask for a deposit to cover the material costs and commence the making as soon as possible.

Me at a show

At the Malvern Spring Show

Concept drawing for balustrades

3. The making - this is where things get  hot and noisy! I might have to make tools and jigs specifically for your job to assist me. Once made I'll send it to a specialist galvanizer and/or sprayer to get a professional finish applied unless, as in this case, I have the facilies in-house.

Tony5 TONY2

4. Site fixing or delivery. The final stage is site fixing, or if no fitting is required you may want the item or items delivered. This is when final payment is normally required, and where you are hopefully delighted with the end product.


Bringsty Forge - on the A44 between Bromyard and Worcester.

Natalie actual stairs 100_2838 100_2837 Natools Natprod Natfinish

Clockwise from left: Production work - making the stair uprights, fire-welding, made a tool for punching all the rectangular holes in the flypress, finish applied - brass brush and oil.